Structure & Organization Chart

Internal Rules & Regulations

The Internal Rules & Regulations of e-CoMeT Lab was approved by the 369th/14-02-2018 General Assembly of HOU..

Internal Rules & Regulations (in Greek)

ΤThe e-CoMeT Lab is administrated by the Director, or, in the case of temporary or permanent inability, by the Deputy Director.

The role of the Scientific Board is advisory. .

The Coordinator is appointed to coordinate the implementation of the decisions of the Director and the Scientific Board.

The research, development and advisory/consulting projects of e-CoMeT Lab are carried out by its Research & Development (R&D) Divisions.

Each R&D Division has a certain scientific or/and technological field, it conducts research, development and study activities in the framework of the e-CoMeΤ Lab projects, always following the scientific and social ethics.